Personal IT Support

Our Process:

Lifestyle Technology provide a free site survey to all our customers. We have found this survey helps us determine signal coverage, design access point placement, and client application needs while at the same time saves the client money. We then submit a proposal outlining our design, equipment, and installation costs.

Your Solution:

What are you really looking for in a wireless network? If it’s great coverage, reliability, stable throughput, no dropouts, and ease of use then join the long list of customers we have satisfied over the years. We can provide your home with a reliable wireless network that you can access in every corner of your house, including the garden!

Common problems we solve:

  • Wireless signal drops out in various rooms in the house.
  • Client works from home and needs wireless signal delivered throughout the property versus having it delivered to only one or two rooms.
  • Limited access to run new Cat 5 cables.
  • Residents use three or more wireless devices, laptops, printers, iPads, iPhones.
  • Multiple complications arise in interior coverage issues artificially created by the residences’ interior walls, tiles, mirrors, granite, multiple floors, etc.

Data Recovery:

Has your computer developed a fault and will no longer start up correctly? Does your computer contain valuable information and/or photos that are not backed-up?
Lifestyle Technology can help you recover all of your data as well as repairing your PC, all in the comfort of your own home. Our expert technicians can provide a discrete and professional service to ensure you recover those valuable files.

System Recovery:

This is a process of reinstalling all of the software on your PC or laptop, so that it is exactly the same as when you first purchased it from the store. No more errors or your computer running really slow! We can visit you at your house and rebuild your computer or laptop so all you need to do is relax.