Personal IT Support

IT Support

On call 24-hours a day: whatever your IT problem is, we are here for you.
We work with your existing technology to make sure it performs well and keeps your business running. Whether it’s PCs, Macs, servers, mobile devices, databases, data backup and recovery, we know our stuff! We’ll also advise you when it’s time to consider updating your systems to maximize their efficiency, and give you impartial, expert advice on choosing new technology.
It’s up to you whether you pay-as-you-go for our support on a one-off problem that needs fixing, or sign up to a one of our monthly contracts for permanent support and peace of mind. Either way, we charge in 15-minute blocks, so you only pay for the time you’ve actually used. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Remote Support

E-mail configuration issues, software installation complications, antivirus and security upkeep are just some of the more common problems that a business will face. We offer Remote Support to provide immediate, real-time solutions to these problems and more. Our technicians will be able to remotely view and adjust your e-mail configuration settings, oversee the successful installation of software, and monitor your antivirus and security settings to make sure that your system is running its best. By utilising Remote Support you can set your mind at ease with immediate results.


When you’re buying new technology for a business, there’s a wealth of information out there, but it’s often hard to work out who to listen to. So we offer impartial and expert advice on what technology will work best for you.

We pride ourselves on our extensive research, product knowledge and solutions available. We always focus on our client’s requirements so we can provide them with the most effective and efficient solutions, first time.
Once you’ve made your decision, our experienced engineers will make sure the transition to new technology goes smoothly without holding up your business.

Cloud and Hosting

In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs via the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.
The concept of cloud hosting & services, is nothing new, but with the recent expansion of cloud based services available and faster internet connections, the cloud has become an option that cannot to be ignored by businesses.

Advantages of Cloud Services

· Work from anywhere.
· No need for expensive server hardware onsite.
· Reduction in IT Management Costs
· Automatic software updates
· Full Disaster recovery
· Virus Protection and Data Security

Email and Web Hosting

Dependable, flexible and hassle-free website and email hosting in here!

When it comes to web hosting, the choice out there can be daunting. So who better to manage your hosting than the people who know your IT best? We offer a wide range of hosting and web services for your business, so that instead of bouncing back and forth between suppliers we look after all your IT requirements under one roof.