Home Cinema Installations

Dedicated Home Cinema’s & the absolute ultimate Big Screen experience!

Yes it is actually possible to get a better movie experience at home rather than at your local cinema, our dedicated cinema rooms are designed for you completely from scratch with your exact requirements in-mind.

We take into account every aspect of the design and will guide you through our proposals.
Our aim is to design and build systems that exceed your expectations and to the highest standards possible! With over 30 years combined experience and a true passion for Cinema, you can be sure Cyberhomes experts know how to deliver.

Media Rooms

Media rooms are a great alternative to the dedicated Home Cinema.
Incorporating both an LED, OLED or UHD TV screen for ever day viewing and also a large cinematic drop down screen for movie nights or sporting events, media rooms offer great flexibility and are able to give you the best of both worlds!

Play games, surf the net, watch YouTube, your favourite movie, the possibilities are endless…
Our designs are focused around creating aesthetically pleasing discrete solution that are easy to control, with perfectly crisp imagery and crystal clear sound to match.